Год производства: 2016 г.
Жанр: BJ, Fingering, IR, All Sex
Продолжительность: 01:21:47
Описание: This is Joanie's second visit to the Gloryhole and some unexpected things happened this time around. When I took her the first time she was dating some guy and because of that she was funny about letting guys fuck her. In fact, she didn't even want guys fingering her. It wasn't until the end of the visit when she finally flashed us her fire crotch. She said it was due to being nervous which I can completely understand. That all changed this time.
We didn't get to chat much last time before getting into the booth so this time we get to hear how horny this little snowboarder really is. I wanted to get her into the Theater Room and maybe even in the Swing Room but I knew she had to be warmed up first. After blowing one guy she was ready to venture outside the Gloryhole booth and into the Theater Room. This is where things got interesting. She took care of the first guy pretty quick and moved onto a big black dick. Once she got him nice and hard she looked up and told him how big his cock was. Then a few sucks later she blurts out "Can I fuck you?". I wasn't expecting that and thought it would take a lot more work than that to get her to fuck. I won't spoil the video but she got super horny and let a few more guys fuck her in the Theater Room and Gloryhole booth, including a monster black cock that stretched her tight white pussy out. FYI, her first Gloryhole visit was the first time she sucked a black cock and this visit was the first time she fucked a black cock.
We get to see a very different Joanie during this visit. She's young and strong but 14 random cocks wore her ass out! I doubt her boyfriend will getting inside that pussy for a few days.
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